sinister grafitti

taken by me using tom’s phone in the toilet of a manchester pub. which probably makes my afternoon sound more interesting than it was. But still: rather disturbing. almost as disturbing as the date this was taken: 5.5.11 so yeah…. a slow starter this blog!


oh manchester……

I love Manchester but so often the powers that be are nowt but an embarrasment. What was all the nonsense about Piccadilly Gardens on NYE rivalling Sydney and New York? There is so much to cherish in our city, and although I think it vital to know one’s place in one sense I dont believe in deferrerence and lack of ambition or social mobility. But this was just a daft conceit! Yes to municipal celebrations, its delightful to have a knees up for them that want it. But our city is being ravaged by cuts, people are suffering the consquences of austerity after years of trickle down empire building where the trickle down didnt happen. Fur coat and no knickers grandstanding, please policy makers stop this silly competivitiness and think about what is actually happening on our streets, Ta

My favourite albums of 2013

I try to resist the urge but my inner music geek will always out and  I can’t help myself spending far too long pondering my albums of the year and trying to coerce them into a top ten.  I understand the pressure of deadlines, of course I do, but I get so frustrated when best ofs.are published before December 31st becuase always for me there is the hope of hearing one more astonishing tune.  That, of course, is the joy of music. The hope that the magick 13th note is almost audiable. Anyhow, here is my top ten favourites of 2013:

1   Austin Lucas Stay Reckless  A record that just hit me where only music can. <insert A-UK ink>
2   The Handsome Family Wilderness  The band that changed the world for me, I almost feel they should be disqualified from my top ten becuase they will always dominate. Here is my review of this wonderful work:

3   I know this is probably cheating but i can;t choose between my two favourite UK bands who both made superb records and played shows that made me cry and stomp my feet so in alphabetical order:

Case Hardin PM
Danny and the Champions of the World Stay True

5   The Rockingbirds The Return of the Rockingbirds

6   Neko Case The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I fight, The More I love You

7   Jason Isbell Southeastern

8   I See Hawks in LA

9    Richard Buckner  Surrounded

10  The Pastels  Slow Summits

Hoourable mentions to My Darling Clementine, Laura Cantrell, David Bowie, Savages and so many more.

Hello world!

so…. hello. this is place for my random words and pictures, probably more personal than polemic (but not that personal) and mostly about geography (i haven’t lost the psycho bit but there are lots of things i write that don’t sit comfortably within the LRM).